What to Pack

How do you fit a closet in a suitcase?


"When facing the question, "how do I fit everything!?", keep in mind that Europeans also use hairdryers and tooth brushes. In fact, they have hair dryers with European double prong plugs! You definitely won't need to pack everything you own, and will likely be able to replace lost or forgotten items. Plus, remember that both semesters (Spring and Fall) start during some of Europe's BEST sale sasons (post-Christmas and end-of-summer events). Consider packing half of you think you'll need."  
Andy Steves, WSA Chief Backpacker

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Packing for weekend trips

When prepping for a weekend trip, be sure to make your outfit selections before you get on the plane. Remember how long you'll actually be in the city. One pair of almost everything works.

  • If you plan on hitting some swanky nightlife, be sure to bring a change of outfits to set you up for success at the door (for guys, that means bring those dress shoes, a button up and a dark pair of jeans!)
  • Layering is always a good idea, with a light jacket for rain.
  • I sound like my dear mother when I say this, but wool socks in October through March keep those feet dry and warm.
  • I can't emphasize this enough, but a good pair of walking shoes are a necessity! Nothing worse than worrying about pain while exploring a new city

Travel Brands We Like

Muji is a great travel accesories store with many locations across Europe, especially in London and NYC. Muji translates directly to "No name" in Japanese. In other words, there will be no brand marking on their products. Instead, it's a nice break from this over-commercialized world. They have everything from coin purses to office supplies to shampoo bottles and funnels.

REI is another one of our favorites- it's the mothership of adventure travel for a reason, and a convenient stop for accessories or backpacking gear.

Birkenstock aka the most comfortable shoe in the universe. I have hiked up a mountain and gone to the beach with them in the same day, they are seriously the most versatile shoe.


When picking out a big bag for your semester abroad, you're probably looking at needing something between 50 liters (for the very spartan) to something closer to 70 or 80 liters (more room for all the necessities and a few extras).

Osprey is a solid brand, and I'm using a 60 liter pack for my travels over in Europe.

Deuter packs are manufactured in Germany and have a reputation for quality and durability.

Gregory is another brand that's well known for its quality and popularity among the backpacking population

Check out Andy Steves' ultimate Packing Guide from WSA's Youtube channel :


Reagan Brown, Southeast Missouri State University

Happy Backpackers

I absolutely loved my WSA experience. I traveled to Rome over Easter Weekend and was able to do so many incredible things while I was there. We stayed at the Yellow Hostel which is kind of far from a lot of things but it was so much better than I was expecting it to be. I would definitely...

Reagan Brown, Southeast Missouri State University ~ Universitat Politecnica de Valencia, Spring 2016

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