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The price is always right for hostel living

Whether you are sharing a room with 10 people or two close friends, you've got to find a roof at night. Hostels are the easiest and cheapest way to sleep in cities across Europe. 

When searching for great accommodations, always make an effort to check user reviews against photos, price, location and amenities. With all those factors together, it's easy to determine the value of where you plan on staying. Once you pick a place, try to find the hostel’s website to cut through any middleman booking fee.


Best search engines to use:

One of our favorites, is the most complete resource for hostel information online. It provides free listings for all hostels worldwide, lets you search all the major hostel booking websites at once to find the best prices, and shows you reviews and ratings compiled from those websites.


Other Budget Options

Here are some interesting alternatives worth checking out:

Couch Surfing is picking up in popularity, and allows you a free night or two on someone’s couch in their home. It’s a great way to meet locals. At the same time, there are stories of single lady travelers getting creeped on by those they’re staying with. Be sure to do your research on the site prior to your stay. connects you with locals renting out their apartments for medium to longer-length stays. Location and value have the potential to be excellent, and this is a great opportunity to connect with locals and make lasting friendships. This is a great resource for anyone looking to stay put for a week or so at a time.


Friends of Friends Travel (FOF Travel) sits in the space between Couchsurfing and AirBnB. Couchsurfing is free but not always a good option. Airbnb is great, but does cost a bit. FOF Travel, however, is both free and safe by using your existing social network of friends and friends of friends to show you all the free opportunities you have to stay at someone's place, leave your stuff, get travel tips and meet up with a local. They've also partnered up with other companies, including WSA, to help get you exclusive discounts all year round in case your friends and FOFs can't help you out.

Study Abroad Apartments is a intermediary between college students and foreign real estate agents that helps students find the best independent housing placements prior to studying abroad.


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