Top Movies to Inspire European Wanderlust

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By Marina Shea, WSA Intern - Seville, Spain

Whether you’re planning to travel to Europe or are just a lover of all things European, movies are the best way to temporarily transport yourself to another place and get excited for the sights you may soon see in the flesh! Here’s a list of the top movies to inspire your European wanderlust (and a few extras with some great European scenery).

*author's personal favorites 

A Good Year* (France)

A stiff London banker travels to Provence after inheriting his uncle’s vineyard and learns how to take life at a slower pace.

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance

Where you’ll travel: London and Provence

Where you can watch it: DVD


Angels and Demons (Italy)

Full of mystery and suspense, a renowned symbologist must solve a murder and help prevent an attack on the Vatican by an ancient brotherhood known as the Illuminati.

Genre: Mystery, Thriller

Where you’ll travel: Rome (Check out our guided tour here)

Where you can watch it: DVD


Allison Johnson, University of Maryland

Happy Backpackers

I was very nervous signing up to go to Budapest with WSA because I was going solo, but it was the best weekend of my semester!!! Everyone in the group was super friendly and inclusive, we all had a great time together. WSA does an amazing job of keeping everything organized and we always...

Allison Johnson, University of Maryland ~ DIS Copenhagen, Spring 2016

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