Top Habits of Girls Abroad

When American girls flood a European city the locals definitely take notice. How can they not when there’s a group of 6+ girls walking the streets all trying to talk above each other and stumbling in their wedges. It makes for quite a scene even if you don’t realize it. We’ve compiled the top habits of girls abroad and how they can break them so they seem more European chic than sorority girl.

1. Getting your Starbucks fix

If you’re studying abroad in Italy or another country that doesn’t have Starbucks, the infamous coffee house is on your sightseeing list when you go out of town. Everyone enjoys a good chai tea latte rather make it a point to try a coffee concoction that is popular in the country you’re visiting such as a European hot chocolate or a flaming Spanish coffee.


2. Weekly visits to Zara and H&M

There are definitely one-of-a-kind key wardrobe pieces that you will only find in Europe (I’m looking at you leather jacket from San Lorenzo Market, Florence). But when you hit up Zara every week for a going out skirt or t-shirt those small purchases add up. Think of all the missed travel opportunities you could have had if you didn’t feel the need to buy that skirt. You most likely could’ve saved that money and spent it on a trip to a country that’s been on your bucket list for years. You’ll be happier exploring Berlin for a weekend than wearing some trendy dress out in the streets of Rome.


3. Throwing a dozen cameras at a stranger

Throwing a bunch of digital cameras and iphones at a stranger so you and your friends all have the same photograph in front of the Eiffel Tower is a bit overwhelming for the photographer. Relax. Whoever’s camera has the coveted group photo will surely post it on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. They will tag you in the photo so all your friends and family can see how cultural and cute you look in Paris. You can even steal the photo and regram it. There is no need to throw a bunch of phones and cameras at a tourist so that your whole group has the same exact photo. Be respectful of their time and remember they’re there to see the sights too.

4. Counting calories abroad

Watching your weight abroad is an uphill battle that you will most likely lose. Counting calories sucks in general so why would you do it during the best semester of your life. Take a lesson from the local’s and indulge in that giant bowl of pasta, eat a whole baguette and chug it down with some red wine. You’ll be walking and biking all over the continent so you will be able to prevent yourself from gaining 10 lbs.


5. Finding your favorite cuisines abroad

You can’t imagine how hellish your life would be without avocado. But sushi, Mexican food, and juicy burgers are just not as popular in Europe as they are in the States. Albeit these foods are delicious and you may have a slight addiction to them we promise you will find a new favorite food that will make up your study abroad experience. 2 words: Doner Kebab. Get back to us in December when you’re sad you have to return to your hometown and can’t find a Kebab store near your college campus.


Reagan Brown, Southeast Missouri State University

Happy Backpackers

I absolutely loved my WSA experience. I traveled to Rome over Easter Weekend and was able to do so many incredible things while I was there. We stayed at the Yellow Hostel which is kind of far from a lot of things but it was so much better than I was expecting it to be. I would definitely...

Reagan Brown, Southeast Missouri State University ~ Universitat Politecnica de Valencia, Spring 2016

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