Top 10 things to do in Paris to Stretch your Budget

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By Lysha Rohan

Paris has a lot to offer any young traveler on a budget without breaking the bank.  Of course this involves some advance planning but never fear we are here to guide you so that you can have an amazing time in Paris

From stunning lookouts to local markets we’ve compiled our top 10 things o do in Paris on a budget.  Many of these are included in our WSA PARIS weekend in our guided or self guided trip. 

1) Make merry in free first Sundays

On the first Sunday of each month Paris opens up many of its museums like the Louve and Orsay for free!  Be prepared though this also means lots of lines so be sure to get there right at opening time.

2) Pay a Visit to the Champ de Mars

A trip to the top of the Eiffel Tower can be fascinating but a bit expensive and you don’t get to actually see the tower. We recommend visiting the Champ de Mars to enjoy a gorgeous view (with the view of the tower included!). Bring in your ‘Someone Special’ along and enjoy the stunning flowerbeds and lawns, with a drink in hand. Wait till dusk for the famous light show at the tower.

3) Open air movie

If you happen to be in Paris during July and August, you can catch a free movie at the Parc de la Villette. It is a breath taking open air experience and the movies are based on a certain theme.

4) Visit the Love Wall

Paris is the ‘City of Love’ and this mural epitomizes the wonderful feeling of ‘love’. The three magical words, ‘I Love you’, are scrawled here in hundreds of languages, and millions of visitors are drawn to this spot to take a classic selfie.

5) Visit to the Notre-Dame Cathedral

This is another popular destination in Paris you can enter for free. This imposing structure is regarded as one of the marvels of French-Gothic architecture. The bridges and the square around the cathedral are crowded with visitors, performers and live bands and overall, you are bound to have a wonderful experience.

6) Square of Vert-Galant

Take a trip to the Square of Vert-Galant for a taste of Bohemian nightlife in Paris. It is quite a treat to relax on grass in this cozy park, with a drink in hand and to watch the boats sailing along the river.

7) Fashion show at Lafayette Galeries

Experiencing the fashion extravaganza at Paris Fashion Week may be really expensive, but you can catch the show for free at the Lafayette Galeries on Friday afternoons. In this popular free show, professional models display authentic collections and advance booking is required to gain entry.

8) Canal Saint Martin

Join the Parisians at the stroke of dusk at this lively water edge.  This is a perfect destination for picnics and to meet some new local friends.

9) Visit the Tuileries Garden

Have a stroll through this historic park and experience the regal feel attached to it. It is located between the Place de la Concorde and the Louvre Museum and it oversees the Eiffel Tower. This garden was opened for the public way back in 1667 and is a popular destination for Parisians to meet, relax, and celebrate life.

10) Rue Moufetard Street

Visit this crowded street on Saturdays when its takes the form of a food market to have a mouth-watering experience.  As you stroll through pick up some veggies, bread, cheese, and meat (and of course wine), and you can have a delightful picnic at any of the lookouts mentioned above!

With a bit of planning, you can have an amazing time in Paris without straining your budget.


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Cheyenne Hodur, Drake University

Happy Backpackers

Bogi is a great guide. She was everything you could want in a guide plus more. She was fun, cool, and the best part- knowledgeable. She really made the trip great. We got to the hostel late and she was able to rearrange our schedule so everyone could go caving. After caving we were picked up by Bogi (thank goodness because figuring out Hungarian public transportation is really hard if you don't speak Hungarian). WSA made sure to include super cool things- caving, thermal baths, bus tickets, escape games and the hostel. I would definitely do this trip again. Bogi was fun and flexible, we didn't have to stick to a tight schedule and we were able to do things that we wanted to do like the Liberty Statue. She is great, WSA is lucky to have her.

Cheyenne Hodur, Drake University ~ AIFS Richmond, Spring 2015

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