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When I’m planning a trip somewhere I usually do research online and ask around for opinions before I go. There are so many travel sights out there today that it is really hard to know which ones to trust and which ones are just scams. TripAdvisor is a popular sight that is reliable and gives people the best places to go in each area. Every time I go to a new place I check the outside of the building to see if it has a TripAdvisor sticker. If something is endorsed by TripAdvisor you can almost guarantee that it will be worthwhile. As a student traveler that’s what I’m looking for when I travel because lets be real when you’re in college, your budget is pretty much all the change you have in your pocket at the moment. Before heading out on a big trip I need to know where to go to get the most out of my time and money in Europe.

TripAdvisor has recently released an article naming the top 10 places for travelers to visit in the world. Four of the places are some of Europe’s most exciting cities and are definitely worth a visit, and are featured trips through WSA:  London, Paris, Rome, and Prague. Not only are these places extremely different from one another they are all extremely accessible if you’re studying abroad in Europe. It would be a crying shame if you were here all semester and neglected to see these top cities.  

There’s a reason why WSA has all four of these cities on their trip list! Traveling is such a big part of studying abroad, but sometimes it’s hard to know what to do and how to get everywhere. WSA’s 3-day, 2-night stays in Europe’s top cities lets you explore new places and discover so much more than you could ever imagine. When you take a guided tour with WSA, the local guide takes you to all their favorite hidden gems. There’s nothing I love more than getting the most for my money and that’s exactly what these trips are about. These weekends are jam packed with a bunch of events from learning about the history of the city, partying with the locals, to eating to most authentic food.

5th Place: Prague, Czech Republic

A city so beautiful that it was spared by Hitler - or so the story goes. Prague’s charm is one that has lived through aggressive wars, hence attracting thousands of tourists each year. With WSA you’ll trace the steps of the Velvet Revolution, explore Old Town and see the famous astronomical clock strike the hour, meet a Czech princess inside Prague Castle, taste fresh beer and absinthe, experience some of Europe’s most infamous night life and much, much more. A city with a mixture of culture and architecture, looking like something straight out of a childhood storybook, there is no doubt that Prague will leave you with a lasting impression.

6th Place: London, England

London is a thriving metropolis with plenty to see and do. So instead of trying to decipher a map with your heart pounding wondering how in the world you are going to do get it all done in your short time in the city, WSA will take all that pressure off your shoulders. Being such a buzzing city, the lines to the top attractions can be off-putting… but don’t fret! With WSA you get to skip the line into some of London’s top tourist attractions, like the Tower of London, which then leaves you more free time to explore London’s array of neighborhoods. We’ll be visiting King’s Cross Station for the Harry Potter fans where you’ll crash into Platform 93/4. And last but not least, experience the nightlife on London’s biggest pub crawl, 1 Big Night Out. We promise you’ll be leaving here saying “mischief managed.”

7th Place: Rome, Italy

All roads lead to Rome... WSA’s Roman experience takes you back through time to the world’s most iconic ancient civilization. There is so much history to be explored and discovered on the streets of Rome that it’s hard not to fall in love in love with the city. Whether you’re skipping the line into major sites like the Vatican and Colosseum, tossing coins into the Trevi Fountain, admiring Rome at sunset on the Spanish Steps, or dancing with gladiators, you will without a doubt fall in love with the Eternal City. And don’t forget that the key to anyone’s heart while in Italy is the food, so you’ll be sipping wine with the locals, enjoying the best pizza and pasta in the world, and finishing off with countless flavors of gelato. Because as they say… “When in Rome!”

9th Place: Paris, France

Ah the city of love... Paris is bursting with charm and romance at every turn. Just imagine croissants for breakfast, pastel colored macaroons for lunch, and French champagne under the Eiffel Tower in the evening. WSA helps you to admire the city with an evening bike tour and river cruise on the Seine to really soak up the romance. We’ll stop by the Louvre to see the famous Mona Lisa, take a tour of Notre Dame, and explore all of Paris’ unique neighborhoods, bistros, and boutiques. All of the fabulous Parisian clichés will become your reality for weekend. So remember: dress to impress and we’ll take care of the rest.



Joshua Dyer, Bridgewater State University

Happy Backpackers

Andy and his crew were awesome. They helped us navigate the city and showed us its innumerable historic sites (Colosseum, Vatican, Trevi Fountain, etc.) with the option of going to Easter Mass at the Vatican if you pick the right weekend. All I have to say was that being in the third row at...

Joshua Dyer, Bridgewater State University ~ University of Limerick, Spring 2016

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