Study Abroad Rome—A Springboard for European Adventure

I expected this trip to be different from the others: a semester abroad, based in Rome…on my own. I remember being sad saying goodbye to my mom at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport on January 7th, 2008, and seeing her cry, but other than that, my mind was a blank canvas. I had purposely not filled it with goals and objectives--I thought keeping my expectations unrealistically low would keep me from any disappointment. People told me it would be the best semester of my life but I thought that if I went there thinking that, I’d always be trying to live up to those expectations. This way was easier. I would not set foot back in the States again for five months, and while it seemed like a long time, I knew it would go by in a flash. I decided to not let the length of my trip daunt me. Instead I focused on each successive weekend, packed to the brim with travels and unique experiences. I knew I was going to Rome to take part in a Notre Dame study-abroad program, but in reality, I had no idea what awaited me.

             This is my collection of experiences, thoughts, conclusions, and insights into this beautiful continent where I spent five months of my life in 2008. I had no plans set in stone except my flight back to the states. Dive into these travels with me and I hope you enjoy reading the chronicles of my travel experiences during my semester abroad. 


Katie Nikas, University of Massachusetts - Boston

Happy Backpackers

I recently went on the Budapest weekend trip with my roommate from Ireland. We had the BEST time ever! The whole weekend was planned out for us by our amazing and funny leader Bogi. She had our itinerary jammed pack with everything you want to do in Budapest then some. We walked the whole...

Katie Nikas, University of Massachusetts - Boston ~ University of Limerick, Spring 2016

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