Spring is in the Air

Salut tout le monde, I'm signing on from Paris as I run around today to get everything set up for my tour this weekend. This is the first time I've been able to run around outside in a short sleeve T-shirt and it's obvious that the temperatures are on the rise here in Paris. The cafes are spilling with life out onto the corners, and the ice tea I'm having on Rue Cler right now is hitting the spot. On Sunday I finished up another tour in Prague, and made my way back to Paris yesterday. The last few weeks have been quite busy for me. My team and I have been scrambling to line everything up for our big St. Paddy's day weekend celebration. We just submitted our order for 50 Tshirts that will feature skulls and cross bones with a clover patch over the eye. Don't ask why--it just looks cool!

Here in Paris, I've enjoyed all the entrpreneurial challenges imaginable: the Eiffel Tower isn't taking reservations this week, the hostel double charged us, wifi was difficult to find and set up etc. All that said, running my business that has just recently turned the corner bookings wise is incredibly rewarding. Last semester we had 85 bookings total with 100% positive reviews. This semester, we topped 200 bookings at the end of last month, and that's only 4 weeks into the semester. I'm immensely fortunate to have a stellar team on my side, and the only way we can go is up!


Pauline Blatt, University of Notre Dame

Happy Backpackers

I traveled to Prague with my friends on a weekend trip, and going there I knew absolutely nothing about the city. Signing up for WSA was the best decision ever, because not only did I learn so much about Prague but I also had SO much fun! Our tour guide Adi planned out the whole weekend for...

Pauline Blatt, University of Notre Dame ~ Notre Dame Global Gateway, Rome, Summer Break 2016

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