Positively Positano

From Venice to Cinque Terre, Florence to Siena, Pisa to Rome, I recently soaked in so many different experiences and cities on a two-week holiday traveling all over Italia. My favorite spot though, was a bit more off the usual Italian hotspot itinerary. While definitely still a major tourist destination, the Amalfi Coast is smaller, more difficult to reach and calmer than many of the other buzzing Italian destinations. But without a doubt, the Amalfi Coast is a must-see in Italy—particularly the beautifully serene beachside resort town of Positano.

You can reach Positano by taking a couple of winding, nerve-wracking bus rides along the coast from the town of Salerno, where you can easily arrive by train from Rome or Naples, for example. We arrived just around dusk to a beautiful, lit-up first impression of Positano.

The best word I can think of to describe the coastal village is “chic.” Its narrow streets are completely lined with trendy boutiques and fancy restaurants. I can hardly think of a better location for a relaxing, treat-yourself getaway, especially surrounded by views like this.

Situated right on the mountainous, rocky coast, Positano has the ideal combination of opportunity for outdoor activity and relaxation. We hiked and climbed from the beach all the way to the top of the town, and literally every point along the way had another spectacular view of the sun shining on the sea and bright buildings dotting the mountainside.

And naturally, after spending all day hiking in the sun, the following is more than necessary:

Although we only spent three days in Positano, I could definitely see myself spending much more time there, or exploring other towns along the Amalfi Coast. Check out more highlights from the rest of my Italy trip at :)

I’d love to hear what your favorite spots are in Italy—post a comment below and let me know! And if Italy’s still on your bucket list, let WSA help you out! Use code BLOG10 and get 10€ off your next trip. Can’t beat that!


-Kersey S., Darmstadt 2013-2014


Joshua Dyer, Bridgewater State University

Happy Backpackers

Andy and his crew were awesome. They helped us navigate the city and showed us its innumerable historic sites (Colosseum, Vatican, Trevi Fountain, etc.) with the option of going to Easter Mass at the Vatican if you pick the right weekend. All I have to say was that being in the third row at...

Joshua Dyer, Bridgewater State University ~ University of Limerick, Spring 2016

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