Best Ways to Meet Friends Abroad

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By Aditi Kay, WSA guest writer/backpacker


It’s always a challenge to make friends, especially when you’re in a new country and probably speak little to none of the language. But today, making connnections can actually be easier than you think, particularly in Europe where the youth are open-minded and friendly.

My first week studying abroad was a nightmare, but eventually I found people that I connected and had amazing times with. Here's some ways to easily make friends with locals and students abroad:


Hostels in Europe pull youth travellers from everywhere to them. Get out of your comfort zone, and introduce yourself! Most people are in hostels to make friends anyways! The staff and people staying there are often incredibly friendly, interesting and easy to talk to, and the nightlife activities/parties put together by hostels aren’t bad either!



Couchsurfing is very useful to help you find a place to crash at when travelling through cities, and a lot of people are happy to show you around and spend time with their guests in a new, unfamiliar city. Some even organize various events such as pub crawls, which are great if you’re looking to party with people from all over the world.



Surprisingly enough, you’ll notice there are tons of people on Tinder who are looking to get to know new people around Europe, and most of them are regular people like you and me! There’s much less of a stigma attached to it here. It’s a great way to network and find other students or travelers- and of course there is always that possibility that you’ll magically meet the love of your life.


Friends that travel with you are friends for life- everyone knows that. Take a weekend off and explore the beautiful cities of Europe with a group of friends. There's something about spending every waking moment with someone experiencing new and exciting that really brings people together. Visit any one of our amazing cities


Join a club/Take classes

There are always so many new skills/activities to learn while abroad, and taking a local class is one of the best ways to interact with people. You could learn to cook paella in Spain or even join the arts club at your local university, or join one of the many clubs and societies your school/program offers (student clubs are huge at many European universities). You can practice your passions and many friends for life along the way.


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Jamie Jekel, Swansea University

Happy Backpackers

Kevi was AWESOME! I would've been so incredibly lost without his guidance and knowledge of the city! I loved getting to see Paris with other students studying abroad, too(:

Jamie Jekel, Swansea University ~ Swansea University, Spring 2016

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