Malaga Adventures

We arrived in Malaga (this is the closest city to Granada that Ryanair- the most AMAZING, ridiculously cheap airline in Europe- flies into so I will be returning there a lot!) and went straight to the Picasso museum.  I was not the biggest fan of Picasso after seeing his work in Barcelona, but for some reason his art completely enthralled me this time.  The rang of styles in which he paints is incredible and I wandered the halls of the museum in a daze.  It also may have helped that I saw Midnight In Paris and could picture the crazy, smoky, ex-pat world of Europe in the 1920’s in which Picasso lived and worked.  In his life, Picasso made 22,000 works of art and the more I see the more amazed I am!  To further contextualize his life the museum had an exhibit of photos taken by one of his best friends and it was wonderful to see Picasso at work in his messy studio or playing with his children in ridiculous (yet artistic, obviously) clown costumes.

  After the museum we went to the beach and played and danced in the ocean and it felt like the first time I was able to truly relax since I arrived in Spain!  On the way back there was an impromptu tango performance on the street and I secretly hoped the dancers would grab me by the hand and whisk me to a secret tango club to dance the night away!  That night there was a rooftop concert at our hostel and we swayed to Spanish music, lit by the view of the cathedrals, overflowing tapas bars and flashing discotecas below.




Gerty Flagg, Keene State College

Happy Backpackers

I had such an awesome weekend with my WSA group! Our leader was so great, really cool and nice. We got to see everything and it didn't feel rushed at all.

Gerty Flagg, Keene State College ~ Fall 2015

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