How To Experience Europe Without Breaking Your Wallet?

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by Agnes Lark, guest columnist

Many have talked about the high consumption in Europe and it's barely something new. Have you been longing for a European trip but worried about your wallet getting thinner? There are actually just a few easy steps and soon you'll find it's possible to realize your dream without breaking your wallet.

Dining and Housing

Dining and housing issues are essential in travel. You may have heard that the consumption level in Europe, especially in Western Europe is high and the hotel prices are not so cost-effective. Actually, you don't have to choose the large hotels. Though not as magnificent as the grand hotels, the inns are also clean and tidy which could save you a hefty sum of money. Besides, it may be a good choice to camp outside if the weather permits, by which you and your loved ones could not only get closer to the natural beauties, but also save plenty of travel expenses. In terms of eating, fish and pork are the main food in Europe, if you are unable to resist the temptation of delicious treats, you may end up with an empty purse. But in Europe, there are many small coffee shops, which provide good food in a reasonable price, enjoy your leisure time just as the locals do.

Charges of Scenic Spots

To travel in Europe, you definitely shouldn't miss the iconic scenic spots, and the costs of entrance tickets are inevitable. Just keep in mind that there is no lack of beautiful natural landscape and open architectural parks in Europe which are free of charges, like Moscow's Red Square, Place Guillaume II and so on. Except for that, all kinds of European-style buildings down the streets are also one of the major characters of Europe. Take a bus and travel around the city, you'll feel all sorts of local scenery and customs.

Travelling Expenses

Almost all subway corporations in European cities provide day tickets, wochenkarte and monthly tickets for tourists to choose. Besides, it's better for visitors who would like to travel among several main European countries to buy a Eurail pass which could not only save you lots of money, but also the time of queuing up for tickets. Be sure to do your research to see what local transport is best for your journey.

Enjoy your shopping time

Except for enjoying the beautiful sceneries, the greatest fun in travelling Europe should be shopping. You should never miss it in your visit. In addition to the featured commodities like dolls and chinaware, you can buy everything you desire in Europe. From enticing little items on the street to exquisite luxuries in brand shops, just release your desire for shopping to your heart's content, you may find things here are even cheaper than in your home country.


In addition to the above all, you may save yourself a lot of money and time by applying for a visa on the Internet. Take Turkey for example, it's much more convenient to apply for an online Turkish visa than applying it on arrival. Actually, the consumption in Europe is not that high as you imagine, you can find an inexpensive way to do it anyway. So don't hesitate, just free yourself from the boring work every day and take an unforgettable trip to Europe.


Michaela Meyer, Pepperdine University

Happy Backpackers

I studied abroad in London for the 2015-16 academic school year. We had long weekends for travel and my friends and I planned out dozens of trips on our own, which can be exhausting. For our last travel weekend in Europe we decided to give WSA a try. It was perfect! Everything was planned...

Michaela Meyer, Pepperdine University ~ Pepperdine IP, London, Spring 2016

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