Home Sweet Rome

I can see the Ancient City in the distance as my plane descends into Rome on this Sunday afternoon. I can’t keep track of all the excited thoughts flying through my head at light speed. What am I going to do? How am I going to take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime experience? I know I am going to grow, I just wonder how. I’m going to become a Roman for the next few months of my life. I’ll get used to the hectic style of the Italians, and hopefully that style will rub off on me. People say the Italians don’t get much done. I think they’re busy getting life done.

            A year ago, I had applied to this program in the Notre Dame Study Abroad department. That next March, four months or so later, to my elation, I got my acceptance letter. Notre Dame sends students all over the globe to exchange programs for the semester, a year, or a summer. It’s become tougher to get in for Spring semester because most students want to be in Indiana for the Fall semester because of our football program. In Rome, Notre Dame students studied at John Cabot University, located in Trastevere by Ponte Sisto. Our apartments were about a ten-minute walk behind the Vatican.

 On the taxi ride into Rome, I could already tell four months were going to be too short. I got into an argument with a girl who believed the Vittorio Emanuele monument was the capitol building. It isn’t and I’m right and she owes me two drinks but I’ve never seen her since. Oh well. 


Dan McGlinn, University of Notre Dame

Happy Backpackers

Great mix between learning and leisure. Our tour guide, Lauren, was extremely knowledgable and also very well connected. The weekend was a blast!

Dan McGlinn, University of Notre Dame ~ Notre Dame Global Gateway, Rome, Summer Break 2016

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