Gluten Free in Barcelona? No Worries!

by: Ali Diehl, Barcelona Intern

Although I'm a bread lover, one of my roommates here in Barcelona is severely gluten intolerant and definitely had her reservations about coming abroad. Prior to arrival, she was anxiously expecting a semester filled with salads and not being able to eat out at restaurants.

Over the months, I’ve noticed that the Spanish are more familiar with gluten-free diets and Celiac than many other countries. When eating out, the phrases “soy celíaco” or “no puedo comer gluten/harina de trigo” -- which translates to “I cannot eat gluten/wheat flour” -- will usually elicit understanding from servers.

The other good news about gluten intolerance in Spain is the high involvement of rice, eggs, and potatoes in the Spanish diet. Many traditional Spanish foods such as Paella, Spanish Omelette, and Patatas Bravas are naturally gluten free. Fresh produce is readily available, as are delicious meats and seafood.

My roommate and I received a big shock on our first trip to the grocery store together. Wandering around, we ran straight into a large section filled with gluten free variations of pastas, crackers, and cereals.  We were shocked in the most pleasant way possible. While not every supermaket in Barcelona is friendly to our Celiac friends, there are many stores that pride themselves in their gluten free offerings.

A great resource for eating out is, where you can make online reservations restaurants trained for people with food allergies and intolerance. This includes both gluten and lactose intolerances. I also compiled a quick list of the most delicious, gluten-free-friendly places in Barcelona, but there are more and more popping up every day. Get out and explore for yourself!

Best Supermarkets: El Corte Inglés, Día, Veritas, Bonpreu

Best Bocadillos/Sandwiches: conesa, cucamonas

Best Brunch: Copasetic

Best Bakery: Baci d’Angelo, Reykjavic Bakery

Best Restaurant: Flax and Kale, La Lluna


Colleen Maloney, Bridgewater State University

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Colleen Maloney, Bridgewater State University ~ University of Limerick, Spring 2016

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