Genoa 2012: Pop Stars, Pesto, and Porpoises

Friday I hoped on a one-hour flight up north, to Genoa, for the weekend. I'll never get tired of these weekend adventures, they're a great way to actually get away but don't interfere with real life cause we're always back in Rome by Sunday evening!

The point of the weekend was to see Italian pop sensation, Tiziano Ferro. He's started a tour all over Italy and even though he'll be in Rome this summer we simply couldn't wait and decided it would be a great reason to visit a city we'd never seen before. Heading to an Italian concert was quite the experience, for once we were the minority. The small stadium only fit about 4,000 people and was filled with Italians, specifically, teenage Italian girls. In fact, the number of tourists I saw all weekend were limited to a Scottish couple sharing our hotel! 

Genoa was lovely, if not for it's true "Italian" feel due to a lack of foreigners, it was the food! The birthplace of pesto did not disappoint. I had the famous pine nut and basil dish at least three times over the weekend and each time was a little bit different but consistently amazing, yum! We even got lucky and ended up in the city while they were celebrating the 20th anniversary of the construction of their modern day port (their old port would have moored Christopher Columbus' ships!). As a result, we winded up getting on awesome deal on the seeing all of the attractions, including one of the best and biggest aquariums in Italy, a maritime museum, a biosphere, a panoramic elevator, and a tour of a submarine. 

I hope that next time I go to Genoa, I'm sailing my boat into their port just like Columbus! 

Happy travels from Rome,



Michaela Meyer, Pepperdine University

Happy Backpackers

I studied abroad in London for the 2015-16 academic school year. We had long weekends for travel and my friends and I planned out dozens of trips on our own, which can be exhausting. For our last travel weekend in Europe we decided to give WSA a try. It was perfect! Everything was planned...

Michaela Meyer, Pepperdine University ~ Pepperdine IP, London, Spring 2016

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