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By WSA Intern Shannon Egan

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I knew I wanted to go to Prague because my brother had gone during his study abroad term and said it was the most beautiful place he had ever been to. He traveled a lot during his semester, so I knew I could trust his opinion since he had a lot to compare it to.

I decided to travel with WSA for this trip because I’m an intern and I had heard a lot of good things about them from past students and from reading reviews on Tripadvisor.

Upon our arrival on Friday afternoon, we bundled up and got an amazing walking tour of the city. We went into the center of town and had lunch at a local restaurant. A traditional Czech meal includes potato dumplings with a thick beef-stew-like dish accompanied with a good cold Czech beer. Then we went up the clock tower and had a breathtaking view and took lots of photos. For dinner, I went to a restaurant near the hostel and got a delicious bowl of spaghetti. Afterwards, my friends and I went to a bar that our tour guide Adi recommended. It was all underground with four stories packed with people. The amount of English and French I heard being spoken shocked me! It provided a great atmosphere to sit and have a drink to do some great people watching.

On Saturday, we walked down the busy streets looking up at the beautifully pastel colored, old European buildings until we hit the famous Charles Bridge. We rubbed our hands over the St. John of Nepomuk statue in hopes that we will be back in Prague one day – a tradition when crossing the bridge! Then we made our way to the Kampa Park and took goofy photos with the baby statues there. A short five minutes later we were at the John Lennon Wall. Adi had brought cans of spray paint and we got to leave our own personal mark! That was definitely my favorite part of the whole trip! After a quick lunch stop for a tasty bagel, we went into a beautiful cathedral and made our way up to the Prague Castle. There, we got to watch the guards in front of the gate switch out, as they do every hour. They were dressed elegantly and didn’t bat an eye at the cold winds! I was very impressed. We ended the day with a tram ride back into the city center and just like that our trip was just about over! Everyone split up and had free time for the remaining part of our trip until we were departed. Adi gave us some suggestions and we enjoyed the last few hours of being in Prague.

Overall, I loved Prague! It felt like a European version New York City – lots of people, vibrant and big. There were tons of international people and most spoke English. In addition, it was very walk-able, but there was plenty of public transportation available as well. It was a great big city to escape to and my brother was right - definitely one of the most beautiful cities I have ever seen!


Colleen Maloney, Bridgewater State University

Happy Backpackers

Last weekend a group of my friends and I all did the Budapest guided tour with Bogi and I can honestly say it was the best time so far during this study abroad experience! The best part was that everything was planned and directions to get around were clear so it was a completely stress free...

Colleen Maloney, Bridgewater State University ~ University of Limerick, Spring 2016

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