An Afternoon in Sevilla

I was just in sevilla giving a talk to some students beginning their semester abroad. I had been here before, but had really forgotten what a cool town it is. The Spanish love-of-life permeates this city and the streets are flowing with people of all ages at all hours.

A river cuts through the middle of town, and after my requisite siesta, I went for a run at about 8pm. That's when it seemed the city was just waking up. The path was packed with locals out for a stroll, young triathletes running in their cycling bibs, youngsters learning how to ride their bikes, picnic-ers snacking along the river shore, fisherman hoping to pull something of value out of the green water, and all sorts of casual joggers which gives evidence to how these people remain so fit. The Italian women don't eat carbs and the men are fat. The French just smoke and don't eat. The Spaniards are always eating and always exercising. The river was even full with kayakers and skull crews.

I ran past two middle school couples--one pair necking. literally. It was something I had never seen before. and the other pair--not knowing what to do on their end--were filling the awkward moments and confused energy with tossing acorns at the more intimate couple.

The streets are confusing, dense and twisty, and I love them! Everything about this place spoke to a more relaxed pace of life including the e1 sandwich specials I dove in to with my new friends after my talk. Someday I want to come back to Spain and do a tour that mimics this meandering way of doing things. Til then, I'll be on the move everyday.


Lauren Hill, University of Notre Dame

Happy Backpackers

I did the WSA program in Barcelona with my college friends and we all absolutely loved it! Great company, great plans and activities, and fully worth the money. Would recommend for any college students travelling together and looking for someone to show them the sights but in a very...

Lauren Hill, University of Notre Dame ~ University of Notre Dame, London, Summer Break 2016

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