A Weekend in Seville

Last weekend I satisfied my continual jet-setting needs and hopped a RyanAir flight to Seville (About 170 Euro roundtrip) to visit one of my best friends who is also studying abroad for the Spring semester. Despite some challenging directions from the airport to the hostel, asking for help from a local man at the bus-stop in my beginner Spanish and essentially stumbling upon the place I wanted to be, Seville was simply wonderful. 

It's a small city and seemed even more so coming from Rome but I think this may have been why I liked it so much! The pace was calmer, people waited for street lights to change before crossing and everyone was anxious to help. I never felt "out-of-place" and I never felt like I was in a touristy city. I think the lack of tourists is what enchanted me towards it. In Rome, there may be more tourists than there are locals and English is always the first language people approach me with but it was so refreshing to be spoken to in Spanish! (Even if I didn't understand, they at least gave me the chance to try!)

It was great to see the city through the eyes of my friend who had already been there for 4 weeks, even though it's a small city, I'm sure I would have gotten lost! If you go to Seville, (and you should!) you should look into staying at Seville's "famous" hostel, Oasis Backpacker's Hostel (about 12 Euro a night). It's right in the middle of everything and has a great bar attached to it. It's located right in "Plaza de la Encarnacion" where you can climb to the top of the "Metropol Parasol" for a just a few euro and get the absolute best view of the city. Seville was also great for tapas! It's the home of "tapas" and I've never had them better than in Seville. I even got to try a local speciality, the tail of the bull, and it was fantastic. The only thing that could have made the weekend better was if I had packed more summer clothes - it's hot there already! 

Happy travels!



Ceanna Chapman, University of Kansas

Happy Backpackers

WSA is a great way to see a new place! They pick the greatest hostels to stay at and the best things to experience. Not to mention Bogi (our tour guide) was awesome! I met lots of friends and had the best experience of my life

Ceanna Chapman, University of Kansas ~ DIS, Copenhagen, Spring 2016

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