5 Ways to Help You Remember Your Time Abroad

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By WSA Intern Emily Rose

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We all know that studying abroad is the best decision that we could have made while in college, but what can you do to make sure you remember the most memorable parts of your trip to share with friends and family back home? Here are some of things that you should do while you’re abroad to make sure you go home with awesome reminders of all of your travels and your time abroad!

  1. Take pictures of anything and everything: No one ever comes back from traveling and says “Wow, I wish I took less photos when I was traveling.” If they do then they are doing something WAY wrong with their life. Photos help transport you back to a moment where you can recall everything that was happening. You may think it’s stupid now to take a picture of that pork knuckle on a small sword at that bar that you and your friends all go to, but believe me you’ll want photographic evidence of that.
  2. Start collecting the same things from every country: One of the fun things about traveling are the souvenirs that you get from each country. You can collect anything from ornaments to bottle openers and everything in between.  I always get a pin and a sew-on patch from every country that I go to because they are cool little souvenirs that don’t take up a ton of room when packing and let’s face it, room is hard to come by when you’re packing.
  3. Get some hand-made artwork: If you’re like me and love hand-made artwork then I highly suggest getting something that is done by a local artist. Not only are you supporting artists, but you’re also getting a sweet piece of artwork that no one else has. Travel Tip: If you are in Paris and are wanting some beautiful local artwork, then make your way up to Montmartre. The whole area surrounding the Sacre Coeur is made up of local Parisian artists who are selling their artwork. If you’re lucky, a few of them might actually be painting new works of art when you get there!
  4. Send yourself a postcard from every country with what you did on that day: If you want to keep track of your adventures then send a postcard back to your home address in the states with the date and what all you did in that day, or what you did while in that country! Then, once you get home you will have a stack of postcards that have made it all the way back home with special memories attached to them.
  5. Keep a journal: Before I left the States for Europe, my mom suggested that I should keep a journal while I was abroad that way I could keep track of my favorite memories. What’s great about having a journal while you’re abroad is that you can write down what you have been doing and you can also paste photos, ticket stubs and other things to help you remember your trip!


Colleen Maloney, Bridgewater State University

Happy Backpackers

Last weekend a group of my friends and I all did the Budapest guided tour with Bogi and I can honestly say it was the best time so far during this study abroad experience! The best part was that everything was planned and directions to get around were clear so it was a completely stress free...

Colleen Maloney, Bridgewater State University ~ University of Limerick, Spring 2016

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