5 Reasons Why You SHOULDN’T Buy a Roundtrip Flight

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By: Cody Bruton

Most of you are probably thinking that you need to buy your return flight home when you book flights over to Europe for studying abroad. Am I right? I’m here to tell you, this is the BIGGEST mistake you can possibly make during your whole study abroad experience!

1. Don’t be afraid, you should only be excited

I know everyone is excited to study abroad, but as each day passes by you grow more anxious until finally you leave for the airport and board that plane. This is completely normal. Everyone feels this anxiety, but I promise you this, you will NEVER feel this way again after your trip. I felt this "nervousness" when I went to study abroad, and I can tell you that I leave in one month to go live in Europe, and I don’t feel anything except excitement. People ask, “Are you nervous to go move to Europe for work?” and I respond as fast as I can, "NO!"

2. You will meet new friends

One of the best experiences during your time abroad is the friends you’ll make. You will make lifelong friends during your time abroad because you share the best experience of your life with them. After our program ended, I traveled an extra two weeks with my abroad friends around Europe.

3. Travel around AFTER your program ends

Your program will fly by faster than you can even imagine and you’re going to want to travel after the school work ends. You have no way of knowing how much money you’ll have in the bank, so it’s hard to know EXACTLY how long you can actually stay abroad. Three-day trips jumping city to city across different parts of Europe were some of the best times I had during my time abroad. Make friends and do this!

4. Change of flight fee

I made the huge mistake of booking a roundtrip flight for when my program ended. It was a nightmare! I knew I wanted to stay as long as possible in Europe the moment I started my program, and that I'd made the mistake of booking a flight earlier than I wanted. I did eventually get my flight changed for two weeks later than originally planned, but that came with an expensive “Change of Flight" fee. You can easily avoid this by NOT booking a return flight home UNTIL you know 100% what your plans are after your program ends.

5. Cheaper flights

I thought I found a great deal for a roundtrip flight to Europe when I booked months before my abroad trip. I couldn’t have been more wrong. The friends that waited to book their return flights home on average saved $500 more than I did! What’s worse than that, they planned their trip perfectly. Travel around with friends for two weeks after the program ends, then fly home from whatever city you made the last stop at, saving TIME and MONEY, with NO stress at all.

*Just put $600 aside in saving that you WON’T touch at ALL. This money is saved for when you know your trip plans and know EXACTLY when you want to come home: BUY your flight home with it! Happy Travels (:




Pauline Blatt, University of Notre Dame

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Pauline Blatt, University of Notre Dame ~ Notre Dame Global Gateway, Rome, Summer Break 2016

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