29 Things You’ll Miss about Studying Abroad

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As told by Study Abroad Alumni. The nostalgia is real.


“Sitting on the metro and people watching. It was so fun trying to decipher French conversations and international languages surrounding me.” - Maddie, Paris


“Walking past the Duomo on a night out. It never got old” - Carli, Florence (want to see the Duomo? Check out our Florence trip!)

“Trying to order food in the local language- you instantly earned more respect from waiters, especially if you explain that you want to learn.”- Annie, Florence

“All the markets: Borough, Camden, Portobello… and of course riding on the tube” - Thomas, London


“Riding camels and camping in a desert overnight” - Kelsey, China


"Remembering that the beers in Europe are 5% stronger when it’s already too late.” - Tessa, London


“Public transportation! It changes your perspective of pace and ability to enjoy the city. Metros, trams and bus create this web across the city, making it easy to get anywhere- day or night. It also made me feel part of daily life!” - Josie, Prague

“Realizing wearing black is super classy. You can wear black on black on black and it'd be totally okay.” - Maddie


“Being treated like a Goddess because your hair is blonde.” - Emily, Zambia

“Mimicking the announcer lady's voice at each of the tube stops. RIP Piccadilly line to Cockfosters." - Hailey, London

"My homestay host in Florence, Patrizia." -Annie


“GOOD GELATO UGHHHHH. Like, high quality.” - Sara, Prague

"Doing fighter plane aerobatics over the vineyards in Dijon, France!” - Ally, Scotland


“The gelato shop employeers remembering your names and ask you what time you will be back tomorrow.” - Kelsie, Florence

“The chance to travel with a large group of friends.” - Eric, London


“Spending the night in an 8th century castle”- Kelsie


“When we spotted Kim and Kanye at Burger King in Chelsea, after he’d BOUGHT the restaurant for her birthday. She must really love chicken fries.” - Megan, London

“Going out of your comfort zone to connect with the locals. These small interactions led to so many adventures, whether it be getting free limoncello shots, being told where to find the best gelato, learning about hidden Tuscan "must see" towns, or just developing new friendships.” - Annie

“Hoping you and your two friends won’t have anyone in your hostel room, but then finding out you actually have super hot hostel-mates. We ended up spending the whole day and night hanging out with our new model friends.” - Maggie, Florence


“Unconventional budgeting. I'd just go to sandwich shops or restaurants right at closing time and pretend I didn’t know, so they’d feel bad and give me free leftovers.” - Tessa


“Seeing a new city by going on an early morning run. I did this in Garmisch, Edinburgh, Oslo and Orvieto!" – Ian, Rome

“Casually planning which country to visit next weekend with your friends.” - Andy, Rome

“This vendor at Mercato Centrale always would let me practice italian with her. She recognized me every time and kept teaching me new words!” - Maggie


“Seeking out the small restaurants. There’s tons you wouldn’t expect in little alley ways, it’s an easy way to get to know and talk with locals.” - Alex, Austria

“I loved seeing the French families with baguettes and little stylish kids on their way home. But I loved seeing a little of everything, such as students from all over the world, and even the ancient grumpy Parisians that looked as old as the Louvre.” - Maddie, Paris

“Drinking Radlers! Shandies in America just don’t compare.” - Sophie, Austria

“The food, duh.” - Mark, Spain

“Getting lost in Venice.” - Cait, Florence

“Engaging with people from all around the world, not just the locals! And we always met the most interesting people when we least expected it.” – Laura, Florence


Happy Spring, Study Abroad-ers!

Thank you to everyone who contributed!




Crystal Cascante, University of Florida

Happy Backpackers

I've been in Europe since the beginning of January and have traveled every weekend. This Easter Weekend was by far the best one. The hostel was perfect and super convenient, I made a ton of new friends, and our guides (Andy, Rhianne, and Elena) made sure we saw absolutely everything in the city. The meals included were all absolutely delicious, and Andy even brought snacks every once in a while to hold us over in between meals. We were given our Easter Mass tickets the night before and strategically planned to be in the front for mass. We followed Andy's suggestions and got to sit in the very front for Mass. The wait was worth it and so was every cent of the trip's cost. I barely spent any of my own money, just on transportation to and from the airport, gelato, and food on my last day there. I would 100% recommend this company to all of my friends!

Crystal Cascante, University of Florida ~ AIFS London, Spring 2016

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