All About WSA Detours

WSA Detours are unguided packages offered in our favorite cities in Europe. Nothing else exists out there quite like Detours. These packages feature a concise destination guide provided in PDF format with a recommended itinerary and your top sightseeing entries. With years of experience and local insights, we’ve put together recommendations for the best of the best in restaurants, off-the-beaten-path spots, and top sightseeing.

About WSA Detours

Andy Steves created WSA Detours for the independent-minded traveler who appreciates recommendations from those in the know, but who prefers to explore and sightsee independently or with their friends rather than in a group. With each WSA Detour booking, our team compiles a curated destination guide, secures your accommodation booking and your sightseeing reservations. We compile all this information, including your confirmation codes and entry vouchers into a single file which you can then keep on your mobile device or print out to have on hand throughout your visit. Certain sights prefer a printed version of their entry voucher, so we recommend printing your Detour out on paper.

WSA Detours feature:

- Accommodation at our favorite hostels in each city or private apartments depending on the option you selected

- Skip-the-line entry into the top sights that that city is famous for (see which sights are included specific to each destination on the destination page)

- A destination guide with all your confirmation information and a recommended itinerary suggesting how to best organize your time

The WSA Detour provides a suggested itinerary packed with tips to help make the most of your limited time in destinations across Europe.  If you like the independence of traveling without a guide, but like to have the suggestions and know-how they provide, the WSA Detour is the perfect middle ground for you!

WSA Detour FAQ

Q: When do Detours run?

A: WSA Detours are available just about every day of the week throughout the year. We remind customers that prices may vary when it comes to booking over holiday periods or festival periods specific to the city. If accommodation is significantly more expensive at a time like Christmas or New Year's, you may be contacted with an updated price or offer to cancel and refund your trip.

Q: How do I book my WSA Detour?

A: Go to your preferred destination page, and scroll down to the Unguided section where you'll find information about our WSA Detour for the specific city. Select the destination and begin the booking process, selecting your arrival day as the beginning of your trip.

Q: I want to stay three nights, but the Detour only includes two nights. How do I add the third night?

A: Easy, just select the "add Third night" option while in the booking process. This adds a third night to the end of your stay.

Q: What's included in your WSA Detour

A: For specific information, please see the desintation which you're interested in. Generally, WSA Detours include 2 nights accommodation in our favorite hostels, your two key sights or activities and a destination guide with all the information necessary to maximize your time and money in these amazing cities.

Q: How up-to-date is the information you're providing in the WSA Detours?

A: Our WSA Detours are constantly updated with new inforamtion provided from our local experts, from past customers and by the WSA team. That being said, we cannot guarantee the opening times are exactly accurate as things change. Please do let us know if there's any information which is out of date in the Detour file!

Q: When do you time my sightseeing entries?

A: Based on your arrival time, we make your sightseeing reservations either for Day 1 or Day 2. We usually won't make reservations for sightseeing on Day 3 to allow for early flights, unless you mention in the notes that you have all day before your connection out of town.

About The WSA Detour Experience

WSA Detours provide an excellent framework from which to experience the city. Detours are designed as a platform for customers to create their own adventure. Armed with all the information you will need for a short three-day visit to these cities, you'll feel comfortable and confident navigating through our favorite destinations. Remember however, that by nature of being a Detour, you will be responsible to figure certain things out independently that a guide would normally do for you, should you choose a Detour.

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People Are Loving our Lineup of WSA Detours!

"I tried my best to do as much as possible. For a weekend, the packet supplied more information that I could possibly see, which is good, because it gave me options." Hannah P. - Barcelona

"It was nice having everything already set up and ready for us, and we really enjoyed being able to go at our own pace.  This allowed us to hit all the events and we were never stressed on time.  We ate at all the recommended places to eat which definitely did not disappoint. The nightlife recommendations were great as well, Szimpla, was such a cool venue, one of my favorite places I've ever been to. All the info provided was awesome, we didn't need any other guides since WSA's information is catered to students and people in the similar age group." Nicole B. - Budapest 

"I think the detour is perfect for anyone who wants to see all the sites and have a relaxed and flexible itinerary. It was great to be able to do things at our own speed." Olivia D. - Rome



Kyle Cook, Lebanon Valley College

Happy Backpackers

I went to Rome with a few of my friends. Before we got there, our tour guide, Rhianne, sent us plenty of information regarding how to arrive at the hostel, and what our Itinerary would be like. She also made it a point to meet up with people the night before if their flight got in early so students would have something to do. Having a tour guide that lived in the city was amazing. It made me not have to stress about getting lost, and provided many opportunities to eat at the best restaurants, and, most importantly, the best Gelato places. By the end of the tour, I was good friends with each of the 14 members of the tour group, including our tour guide. I definitely recommend taking a tour through WSA because the guides make you feel like they actually care about each person on the trip. I knew that I could just relax, and enjoy my trip.

Kyle Cook, Lebanon Valley College ~ Kingston University, London, Fall 2015

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