WSA's Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequent questions people have about our tours and trips. 

Contact us here if you have any questions that aren't answered.


Q: Is transportation included?

A: We leave it up to you to book your flight, train or bus to and from the destination, but we do cover transportation within the city once you’re there (metros, trams, etc.) and we cover transportation between cities for the longer break trips.

Q: Do I have to be a student to take the tour?

A: No we welcome everyone to join us on our tours!

Q: What hostel are we staying at and how do I get there?

A: Samples of the hostels we typically stay in are shown up above in the inclusions section.  Every hostel we stay at has a top rating, fantastic location, fun atmosphere, and is known for their cleanliness.  About 1 week before the tour runs you will get a prep email with the hostel name and turn by turn directions to get there as well as contact info from your local guide if you have any issues.  If you have a question about the hostel for a particular weekend you can email info@wsaeurope.com.

Q: I can get there by the time the tour starts.  Can I still join?

A: Absolutely!  Our tours are very flexible and we can help you make up anything you may have missed.  You’ll be able to arrive at a time that suits you and meet up with the group later.  

Q: When should I arrive/depart?

A: If you can we recommend you get in on Thursday night (you can add an extra hostel night when you book) and leave as late as you can on Sunday or even Monday morning to maximize your time in the city.  If your schedule doesn’t allow for this then pick the flight that works with your budget and schedule and we will make it work!

Q: What is the ‘No Hostel’ or ‘Book your own Accommodation’ option

A:  You can book your own accommodation but still join the group for the tour.  You’ll meet up at the key meeting points (usually the hostel).  This is a great option for people who prefer to stay in airbnbs to hostels.

Q: I’ve already booked but I would like to add some extra nights at the hostel.  Is this possible?

A: Absolutely!  Just email info@wsaeurope.com and we’ll add this to your order provided there is hostel availability for as many nights as you would like. 

Q: Is food included in the price?

A: We do sometimes include some food in our tours but in most cases there are no full meals included unless otherwise stated under inclusions.  Our guides know the best places in their city to find delicious budget eats though so you will able to enjoy the best local food without breaking the budget!

Q: What happens if not enough people sign up for the tour?  Will it still run?

A: Once in awhile the tour is not full enough to run, but this is quite rare.  Typically we can run a full guided weekend with just 3 -5 people.  If we do not have enough people sign up we will be in touch at least 2 weeks before the tour runs to let you know about your options which would include taking a partially guided tour (maybe 1 full day of guiding instead of 2 for a lower price), converting your trip to a self guided detour, or receiving a full refund.  We are dedicated to working with each and every tour member to ensure we find a solution that works for them!

Q: When can I expect to get the all the prep info for the tour, such as directions to the hostel, itinerary outline, what to bring etc.?

A: We send out our prep email about 5-7 days before the trip starts.  If you have any particular questions you can always email us at info@wsaeurope.com

Q: How active are WSA tours?

A: Our tours involve a LOT of walking and sometimes climbing significant stairs.  Please make sure you are able to handle this before signing up for the trip.  If you can’t handle this kind of activity please email us ahead of time at info@wsaeurope.com.  You may still be able to join the trip but may not be able to participate in all activities.


Dan McGlinn, University of Notre Dame

Happy Backpackers

Great mix between learning and leisure. Our tour guide, Lauren, was extremely knowledgable and also very well connected. The weekend was a blast!

Dan McGlinn, University of Notre Dame ~ Notre Dame Global Gateway, Rome, Summer Break 2016

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