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Keli Walsh

WSA Krakow was an amazing experience, much better than I expected, and I would recommend WSA to all of my friends studying abroad now and in the future. Our trip was a perfect amount of both structured and free time. Our experiences at Schindler's Factory and Auschwitz were eye-opening and incredibly somber. I didn't think we could fit so many activities into such a fun and stress free time. I enjoyed having a tour that ensured I saw everything I wanted to see, and I learned an incredible amount about Poland's history and culture. I met amazing people who are studying abroad all over Europe, and I had a fantastic time! 

Studied abroad: London, UK, Fall 2013

Kaitlyn McGuinnis

I really loved the VanGogh museum and the Anne Frank house! I was so glad we had our guide, Arthur, when we were going through the Red Light District, as well as the city so we could see the courtyards and the hidden churches. Overall, I am really glad I traveled with WSA Amsterdam! I thought it was really helpful to have Arthur with us showing us around the city! It was great to be able to ask a local their thoughts and opinions on places, culture, etc!

Studied abroad: London, UK, Fall 2013

Sarah Ubani

Walking the streets of Amsterdam with WSA and a local guide as our friend was the most relaxing feeling!

Studied abroad: London, UK, Fall 2013

Dana Vitrano

I felt like I got a really great understanding of Budapest with WSA. I am not a person who typically gets into the history or a city, but Bogi, our guide, did such an amazing job of explaining the history of Budpest in a way that kept me engaged and involved. In addition, I really had an awesome time caving with my WSA group. I was not expecting to get so close with the students I was traveling with, but after caving, I really felt like we had bonded. We got along so well, and that just added to the whole experience.

Studied abroad: Rome, Italy, Fall 2013

Colleen McKenna

I felt like I got to see so much more with WSA Paris without the stress of not knowing the language or figuring out public transportation. Kevi, our tour guide, was fantastic on giving suggestions of places to go or see and giving us the history of the area. My biggest wow moment was sitting in front of the eiffel tour and watching it sparkle before my eyes. Paris has so far been my favorite trip I've taken, and I look forward to future trips with WSA!

Studied abroad: Ireland, Fall 2013

Michael Colando

The WSA Amsterdam itinerary was very good and had a great mix of activities for both male and female students. The hostel was in an excellent central location. Arthur, our guide, really allowed us to feel like a true part of the Dutch culture, and not like a student or torist. The RLD tour was a very fun and interesting experience, it definitely had me sazing "WOW!". The overall experience was awesome.

Studied abroad: Ulm, Germany, Fall 2013

Brianna Barreto

WSA Amsterdam was awesome! We really got to see a lot more than I would have one my own, and having a guide helped. Arthur, our guide was very insightful on the city! The Anne Frank House and Van Gogh Museum were both incredible. The whole weekend was an amazing experience!

Studied abroad: London, UK, Fall 2013

Genesis Palma

The WSA Paris planned itinerary was perfect! I was able to see all the important sights, yet still have a little time to explore Paris myself. Kevi is an amazing tour guide. He is very friendly and knows a lot about the city. On our last day, Kevi was gracious enough to spend a little extra time showing us around Paris and even suggested a delicious restaurant for lunch.  Thank you so much for such an unforgettable experience!

Studied abroad: Rome, Italy, Fall 2013

Caroline Kettl

Having planned my own trips and taking part in guided tours, I can say that WSA did a fabulous job of sharing Paris with us! It was really nice to be able to experience such an exciting city in Europe with everything done ahead of time. Kevi, our guide, took excellent care of us, and was always there if we needed help. We really got the "local perspective" of Paris, which is hard to do on your own!

Studied abroad: Alicante, Spain, Fall 2013

Erin Jane O’Flynn

I really liked that there was always something to do, always a plan, and that we were active with WSA Budapest. Bogi, our guide, was great at pointing out things that were culturally relevant, without being dramatic about it. It was all fun and laid back. Our entire group said that if we didn't have school to get back to and flights booked, that we would have stayed longer!

Studied abroad: Paris, France, Fall 2013

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Jamie Jekel, Swansea University

Happy Backpackers

Kevi was AWESOME! I would've been so incredibly lost without his guidance and knowledge of the city! I loved getting to see Paris with other students studying abroad, too(:

Jamie Jekel, Swansea University ~ Swansea University, Spring 2016

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