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Amanda Shulz

I really enjoyed the itinerary Andy set up. I don't feel like there's anything we missed in Prague and since we had a local tour guide, I really don't feel like we only did "tourist" Prague. It was awesome!

I think my "wow" moment came when we were standing in front of the Lennon Wall and Veronika pulled out three cans of spray paint. Never in a million years did I think I would find myself standing in front of a fantastically decorated and historically important site in Prague doing graffiti!

I thought it was a good value especially since it did not simply include a tour guide. The fact that some meals were covered as well as entrance fees into museums and monuments (and the awesome hostel breakfast) made it totally worth the money.

Studied abroad: Rome, Italy, Fall 2011

Caroline McKenna

WSA Rome for Easter was a once in a lifetime experience that I will never forget and I am so grateful that I was able to enjoy it, worry-free, with some great people! WSA is great way to spend your weekend away from your host country, it's worth every penny and Andy is great!    Easter Sunday, and the amazing Italian food, and the historical vibe throughout the city. I loved when our guide took out his iPad and showed us 'before' pictures, I really got a feel for what it was like back then.

Studied abroad: Limerick, Ireland, Spring 2011

Caroline McKenna

WSA Barcelona was better than I could have ever asked for and it left me with a great feeling of the city as well as WSA as a travel group. I thought the itinerary was great: enough free time was given for us to do our own thing, but also enough planned stuff so we really got to see the city!

Sagrada Familia by far was the most amazing building I have ever see. It was great that we got to skip the line and have our own personal tour guide. The food was to die for. The tapas crawl was a great night and ended with an amazing show. The history definitely made the trip worthwhile. I often found myself going to a city and not knowing the history behind. Our guided tours really helped me in understanding the culture and way of life in Barcelona.

Overall, the trip was definitely worth it and the price was reasonable and affordable. I would definitely book with WSA again!

Studied abroad: Limerick, Ireland, Spring 2011

Megan D.

"The WSA trip to Prague was absolutely wonderful.  I recommend everyone to participate in this unreal adventure that I wish would never have ended!  Andy Steves knows all of the best places to eat too! Thanks so much."

Studied abroad: Limerick, Spring 2011


"Andy Steves' Paris was absolutely amazing!  My roommates and I keep trying to convince ourselves that the best memories from our study abroad experience in Italy cannot be from France but in reality we know that Paris really was the best weekend.  We don't know any French or our way around Paris and it was so nice not to have to plan anything and feel safe in a group.

The tours really surprised me, I never thought I'd like them that much.  Our tours for school are SO BORING because our professors do them.  I came to Europe because I wanted to learn but I don't exactly care about every minute detail of an Etruscan pot, for example. I loved our tour guides in Paris because they gave us enough history without it being like school and most of what they said was really interesting and it seemed like everyone else thought the same thing. Furthermore, it amazes me what I remembered as far as the tours go, they really caught my attention."

Studied abroad: Fall 2010


WSA Prague was probably the best weekend trip I had thus far during my semester abroad! When I go on these weekend trips, I always try to see as much of the sites as possible and we saw so much in two days and got to experience a lot of what the city had to offer.”

Studied abroad: Rome, Fall 2010

Victoria S.

"I was impressed by the sheer amount of places we visited in such a short amount of time. My WSA London experience was a wonderful mix of delicous foods, night life, historical sights, and "must-see" locations, along with information-packed walking tours. I felt like I was visiting an old friend with all of the tid-bits our local guide was able to explain. Just walking through the town, which has so much history...It's kind of astounding to be there  in an ancient, powerful city--almost overwhelming!"

Studied abroad: Ilmenou, Spring 2011

Eric Buckmeyer

"The tour ran very smoothly and i will definitely refer WSA to my friends and family as I know I couldn't have seen and learned as much about Prague in one weekend had i chosen to travel on my own without WSA. "

Studied abroad: Rome, Fall 2010


"WSA Paris was the most fabulous experience!  It was such a great way to see the city in just 3 short days, without having to plan any of it on my own, and for an incredibly low cost."

Studied abroad: Rome, Fall 2010


"WSA Paris was everything I had hoped and was a great experience in an amazing city! And I felt that I saw and learned more than if I were to go on my own."

Studied abroad: Fall 2010

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Lauren Hill, University of Notre Dame

Happy Backpackers

I did the WSA program in Barcelona with my college friends and we all absolutely loved it! Great company, great plans and activities, and fully worth the money. Would recommend for any college students travelling together and looking for someone to show them the sights but in a very...

Lauren Hill, University of Notre Dame ~ University of Notre Dame, London, Summer Break 2016

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