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Emily Mann

The itinerary for Rome was great. You pack a lot of activities into one day, yet you still get the chance to really stop and enjoy each place you visit. Obviously you can't see everything a city has to offer in 2 or 3 days, but the itinerary got you to all the major "must-see" spots. It made for such a pleasant balance between being busy, having fun, and running around and just relaxing and enjoying good food and company.     

WSA is hands down the best value and most fun way to do weekend travel in Europe. You get to enjoy all the great food, fantastic places, and wonderful company a vacation can offer, minus the stress that comes with planning trips and being in a new city you know nothing about. Everything seemed so well-planned and the activities were wonderful! Thank you so much for your wonderful tours!

Studied abroad: Valencia, Spain, Fall 2011

Audra McDaniel

I really liked the planned itinerary for WSA Amsterdam and also really liked the fact that even during the time when we could do what we wanted you seemed to always have another option in case we didn't know what to do. I was able to gain a lot of respect for Amsterdam in ways that I don't think students not travelling with WSA will experience. The history and background were great to learn about!    

I really liked just looking around at the city...incredibly gorgeous!

I wouldn't have the memories from this amazing group of people or know all the interesting facts that Andy shared with us if I didn't travel with WSA. I don't think you can put a price on the experience so it was well worth the price!

Studied abroad: Ulster, Northern Ireland, Fall 2011

Ally Feeney

WSA Amsterdam was great! I loved seeing the city's "hot spots" and also having free time to explore and do whatever. I liked that there was no "strict itinerary"; like having to be up at 8 am and following very strict tour rules! I'll remember the gorgeous scenery, the Red Light District, and all very attractive Dutch people! Andy was very informative, helpful, and laid-back so the group was comfortable, entertained, and not rushed/stressed. He helped us experience both the culture and destination. I would totally use this again! Guess I'll need to scrape together some more cash so I can come back after graduation.

Studied abroad: Ulster, Northern Ireland, Fall 2011

Kasie Torres

Our guide, Kevi was sooo awesome! He is a great tour guide and definitely made my trip to Paris amazing!! I will definitely return to Paris again and so glad I had such a knowledgeable person showing me the ropes! All the food was great and the people as well I'm definitely looking forward to signing up for the Rome tour! Thank you again it was an amazing experience!

Studied abroad: Salamanca, Spain, Fall 2011

Steve Totin

I felt that the WSA Rome itinerary was great! Thank you for one of the greatest adventures of my life!  I will always remember it and I hope that I can go on another WSA tour in the near future!  Having Andy Steves as a tour guide through Rome was great because he is young and knows what young people like and want to do. He doesn't fill your tours with boring, pointless nonsense, instead, he fills them with exciting knowledge and an immense amount of fun!

It was beyond a good value.  I would have probably spent well over what I did If i had done the same exact things on my own and would not have had the same great experience that I did with WSA.

The places we went were the highlights of Rome.  The tour guides that we had for each place were phenomenal! I learned so much from them. The itinerary also allowed for free time after lunch so once we were done with the tour at the Vatican or the Coliseum we had free time to explore the city on our own until the evening when we met up again for another great evening experience with Andy!

A WSA tour not only lets you explore the culture of the country and see the famous landmarks, but it also allows you to escape from the tourist traps and have a memorable time living like a local. You not only see the city that you are in, but Andy makes it so you are able to navigate the city on your own.

Studied abroad: London, England, Fall 2011

Melissa Gilman

The WSA Paris itinerary was great. Kevi did an awesome job of keeping the tour interesting & making sure we were all keeping up. Taking a trip with WSA is the best way to experience a city and it's culture in one weekend and in an affordable way. Everything is taken care of for you, all you have to do is show up and enjoy!

Kevi, our guide, was so much fun to be around. He truly made the trip memorable for everyone and made sure that everyone was getting the best out of the short time we had there.

I did not calculate how expensive it would have been to do the same activities if I went on my own, but I do know that having everything taken care of for you, being able to skip lines, and not needing to worry about choosing the best places to visit was worth the money paid.

Studied abroad: Salamanca, Spain, Fall 2011

Lauren DiLullo

The WSA Rome itinerary was perfect! It contained the perfect amount of guided tours, and free time.  It gave us the opportunity to understand the historical aspect of the ancient city, and experience the culture of the city it is today. If it wasn't for this tour I can honestly say that I would not have had the great experience I had in Rome.  I learned so much about the culture through the tour guides, and experienced aspects of life as a true Italian.      

The guides were fantastic, and beyond helpful.  The timing of everything was perfect as well. Andy Steves you have a great project with WSA! I will be sure to spread the word, and the trip was worth every penny. I don't think I could have done it for a smaller price while having the same great experience.

Studied abroad: London, England, Fall 2011

Michelle McGuinness

The planned itinerary was planned out perfectly. My weekend in Paris with WSA was one of the best weekends of my life! We got to see everything and do so much I would have never experienced on my own! My friends and I can not stop talking about the weekend and did not want to leave! The bike tour and boat cruise of Paris at night was an unbelievable experience that I will never forget!    

And WSA was a good value, especially in a city that tends to be more expensive than others.

Studied abroad: Salamanca, Spain, Fall 2011

Eric Thiele

WSA Rome was absolutely perfect. I felt it gave me the chance to see and do things that not many others would have been able to do in such a short time period.    Ever since planning to study abroad, I wanted to see Rome. With the help of WSA, they showed me all of the amazing places in Rome to see and more. I feel as though I did as the Romans do thanks to WSA!!

WSA is worth every penny. I probably spent about the same on a hostel, food, transportation, and entrance tickets in Barcelona the weekend before Rome and did not have guides to show me around.

Studied abroad: Sevilla, Spain, Fall 2011

Ashley Young

My WSA Prague trip set the bar exceptionally high for the rest of my trips while abroad in Europe!! Our Prague trip was packed with all the highlights of the city, great food, sight seeing, first hand knowledge on the culture, night life and anything else we wanted! Andy and Veronika, knew Prague inside & out and it showed. Our hostel was amazing and every place they took us, was a lot of fun. I would 100% recommend WSA Europe for students while abroad!    

I think it was a good value for all we did and saw. The hostel was amazing, i'd stay there again in a heart beat! I feel like I got my money out of this trip to Prague with all I learned and saw! Our airfare ended up being a little more expensive than had hoped, but it happens.

Studied abroad: Rome, Italy, Fall 2011

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Michaela Meyer, Pepperdine University

Happy Backpackers

I studied abroad in London for the 2015-16 academic school year. We had long weekends for travel and my friends and I planned out dozens of trips on our own, which can be exhausting. For our last travel weekend in Europe we decided to give WSA a try. It was perfect! Everything was planned...

Michaela Meyer, Pepperdine University ~ Pepperdine IP, London, Spring 2016

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