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When booking with budget airlines, keep in mind their baggage checking fees and the transportation time/cost to the farther out regional airports they often use. They can be a great option if you know what to expect. Conversely, hidden fees and charges can often more than DOUBLE the original ticket price! So, when flying with airlines like RyanAir, do your best research and stay organized to avoid having a low-cost fare turning into a first class price! (Ireland flights) (Spain flights)

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A great way to travel, but be sure to compare flying and train prices, as you may be surprised as to what ends up being cheaper. Begin your research online with the search engines below, then go to the local train station to actually purchase the tickets if possible so that you can be sure to qualify for any discounts available. Purchasing in advance can also save you some cash, as same day tickets can be very expensive, and often times can sell out for even the most obscure destinations.

Obb Timetables - Enter you origin, destination, and desired times and dates and this "Route Planner" will show you what's available for what you requested

DB Timetables - Great resource for your railing needs


Buses take forever, but may be your cheapest option at times. Central Europe is a little behind in their high speed rail connections, but they make up for it with bus companies. You can find some great options when trying to link up cities like Berlin, Prague, Krakow and Budapest. is a Hungarian bus line that connects many of Central Europe's top cities Even though it's called Student Agency, there are two things to keep in mind: they often don't have the cheapest rates, and anyone can ride these buses, not just students. is Europe's biggest brand and it spans the continent. You can find options that connect cities in Spain, France and England as well as Central Europe cities.

BerlinLinienBus is a German-based business but has numerous options beyond Germany. is a website that posts blogs about the best ways to connect city to city by bus, with numerous articles about Europe, and other places around the world. 


Ridesharing is becoming quite popular in many countries across Europe. Head to your country's site and shop around for connections moving out in the next few days. It's best to go with at least one friend, and always keep your wits about you when choosing to get in someone's car. For more links, google "Ridesharing" or "Carpooling [your country]" is the best bet for starting your search. You can look up reviews and profiles of people you're considering riding with.


Exploring a bit on your own? Now that you're across the pond, the rules are a bit different regarding rental cars. Check out Sixt, one of the largest car rental companies in Europe with over 4,000 locations across the world. Make sure to book in advance, and of course, inquire about student discounts!

Mary Reagan, Saint Louis University

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The trip to Budapest was amazing! I did not know what to expect from Budapest because my roommate just told me to go with her so I was up for anything, but it ended up being one of my favorite trips so far of my study abroad experience. The hostel we stayed at gave us an excellent taste of the Budapest night life while Bogi took us to places that I definitely would not have been able to get to on my own or had known about if not for her WSA tour. It was a great weekend and I highly recommend it.

Mary Reagan, Saint Louis University ~ St. Louis University, Madrid, Spring 2015

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