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            I’m back home now thinking of the last seven months of my life. I realize I’m just sitting here in my chair thinking “whoa.” Looking back, I now see that travel is all about learning. Every day was a new experience in dealing with and befriending people from different cultures and speaking different languages. My friends and I were living in the real world for one of the first times in our life. We were living on our own, getting food at the local market, and budgeting our time and money the most efficient way possible. I’ve been so blessed to have the opportunities to travel to all sorts of places already in my short life. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about my adventures. Maybe they’ve taught you something yourself. Maybe they’ve inspired you to see what’s over there on the other side of the Atlantic. Travel puts a face on humanity. We may not understand different cultures. We may think they’re strange. But they deserve respect in their own right, and understanding that makes travel a force for peace. It’s so clear to me that each country is made up of real people, real families, real mothers, brothers, and sisters. If we simply understood that simple, almost trite, truth, I believe that we’d have a government that got along more constructively with the family of nations.

             Now, my attention has turned back to Notre Dame and my fourth year out of five there in my quest for a BFA in Product Design and a BA in Italian. Hope you can catch a football game or two this fall, and be sure to watch for the guys in the kilts marching out in front of the band. I’ll be on the 10 yard line with the rest of them. Go Irish! 


Gerty Flagg, Keene State College

Happy Backpackers

I had such an awesome weekend with my WSA group! Our leader was so great, really cool and nice. We got to see everything and it didn't feel rushed at all.

Gerty Flagg, Keene State College ~ Fall 2015

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