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I expected this trip to be different from the others: a semester abroad, based in Rome…on my own. I remember being sad saying goodbye to my mom at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport on January 7th, 2008, and seeing her cry, but other than that, my mind was a blank canvas. I had purposely not filled it with goals and objectives--I thought keeping my expectations unrealistically low would keep me from any disappointment. People told me it would be the best semester of my life but I thought that if I went there thinking that, I’d always be trying to live up to those expectations. This way was easier. I would not set foot back in the States again for five months, and while it seemed like a long time, I knew it would go by in a flash. I decided to not let the length of my trip daunt me. Instead I focused on each successive weekend, packed to the brim with travels and unique experiences. I knew I was going to Rome to take part in a Notre Dame study-abroad program, but in reality, I had no idea what awaited me.

             This is my collection of experiences, thoughts, conclusions, and insights into this beautiful continent where I spent five months of my life in 2008. I had no plans set in stone except my flight back to the states. Dive into these travels with me and I hope you enjoy reading the chronicles of my travel experiences during my semester abroad. 


Ceanna Chapman, University of Kansas

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WSA is a great way to see a new place! They pick the greatest hostels to stay at and the best things to experience. Not to mention Bogi (our tour guide) was awesome! I met lots of friends and had the best experience of my life

Ceanna Chapman, University of Kansas ~ DIS, Copenhagen, Spring 2016

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