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Experience what it's like to study abroad in Paris before you go abroad from an American student's personal journal!

“I don’t understand how my French skills, or my mood for that matter, can change so dramatically and so quickly. [This study abroad experience] is like being on a roller coaster that has a surplus of hills and sharp turns. How come nobody told me it would be like this?”

What is The Paris Diaries?

Studying and living in Paris is a dream come true but how much do you know about the actual experience? Paris study abroad expert Andrea Bouchaud (@twentyinparis) takes you on the wild ride of studying abroad through her intimate diary entries. She shares her secrets (and those of Paris) to show you that being away from loved ones for the first time, the maintainence of a long distance relationship, bettering those (less than) intermediate French skills and settling into la vie parisienne isn't as easy as it looks. This new study abroad ebook, The Paris Diaries: The Study Abroad Experience Uncensored (out April 11th), shows you the experience of studying abroad in Paris as every American college student should see it before they go abroad -  Uncovered. Uncensored. Unapologetic.

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Just follow and retweet #iloveparis to @twentyinparis and @wsaeurope for a chance to win a free pre-release ebook copy of The Paris Diaries: The Study Abroad Experience Uncensored by Paris study abroad guru Andrea Bouchaud. It's that easy! Only 5 lucky winners between March 28th and April 7th, so act fast! All winners will be contacted by WSA via DM on Twitter. Bonne chance:)

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Cooper Cohen, University of Notre Dame

Happy Backpackers

The most fun, exciting, educational, and craziest weekend I had during my semester abroad. You definitely get the maximum bang for your buck with WSA. WSA provided me with an unbelieveable weekend in Budapest. After hearing from my friends about their amazing experiences on WSA trips, I had to see what all the hype was about. I chose to take part in a WSA weekend in Budapest, and I loved every minute of it. The guide, Bogi, was the best! WSA is the perfect blend of an educational/tourist expereince while also allowing for sites off the beaten path as well as kickass nightlife. You won't regret a trip with WSA.

Cooper Cohen, University of Notre Dame ~ University of Notre Dame, London, Spring 2015

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