Celebrating a good start

Last Spring I competed in and won Notre Dame’s business plan competition. In a short congratulatory talk made by one of the judges to all the finalists he made a point that I’ll always try to remember: Be sure to celebrate even the small things, as he handled a fat cigar with bejeweled fingers.

Well, this afternoon as I was giving my travel skills workshop at NYU London, I sold out of my first weekend adventure: the Gimmelwald ski trip. So, on the way home I decided to step into old world luxury—a cigar lounge on Wardour Street in the West End. There’s not much else out there I enjoy more than chilling in a lounge, puffing a Cuban in leather, overstuffed chairs. So, that’s what I did. Since the ban on tobacco, nearly all cigar lounges have been put out of business, and this one was only grandfathered in because of some tiny loophole in the law. Well, I’ll always appreciate the loopholes.


Sarah Pajeau, Joliet Junior College

Happy Backpackers

I had such a fun time in Edinburgh! If it weren't for my tour guide, I wouldn't be able to see so much and have experienced it all! Michael knew so much information about the city so I was able to learn a lot!

Sarah Pajeau, Joliet Junior College ~ Carlow College, Spring 2016

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