At the Top of Mt. Vesuvious


Taking a step closer to the edge, I was surprised that I could actually see the bottom of the crater.  Moreover, I was shocked that I was standing on a volcano but not just any volcano.  I was at the top of Mt. Vesuvius.

On our journey to the Amalfi Coast, we stopped off at Mt. Vesuvius for a little hike up the mountain.  While hiking might not appeal to everyone, the climb up the mountain was totally worth the view!  You can walk around the top of Mt. Vesuvius and look down into the crater.  On clear days you can even see the city of Pompeii below. 

Travel Tip:  The climb isn’t free.  There is a bus that takes you halfway up the mountain and then you have to pay to climb to the summit.  

- Kelly 


Bethany Welsh

Happy Backpackers


WSA Rome was a perfect option for my spring break time in Europe.  I was able to see some awesome places that I wouldn't have been able to do on my own. It was at a reasonable cost and everything was planned out to a tee. I didn't have to worry about the stress involved with planning out...

Bethany Welsh ~ Cork, Ireland, Spring 2012

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