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I’ve spent the last six years traveling and living all over Europe while running my young travel company, WSA Europe. I’m passionate about helping Millennials travel smart, intentionally and with the right mindset. While my dad has covered all the basics with his Europe Through the Back Door, my guidebook, Andy Steves Europe: City-Hopping on a Budget picks up where his book leaves off. And this month, I want to share a handful of my insider tips picked up from a life on the road.

Technology and traveling culture is changing fast, and with the right tools, you can maximize your time and budget even further. Balancing digital tools like apps and websites with the classic resources like guidebooks and on-the-ground resources is your single best way to ensure an unforgettable adventure in Europe.

I graduated from Notre Dame in 2010 and founded Weekend Student Adventures, a weekend tour company for students studying abroad in Europe. When I spent a semester abroad in Rome, I witnessed exactly how crucial trip planning was, and how detrimental failing to plan ahead actually is. As a kid growing up and tagging along with Rick Steves, there’s no such thing as a wasted day—we’d dive into the museums, local restaurants and zipped around the continent with hardly a wasted minute. When I studied abroad and traveled independently with my fellow ND students I learned not all travelers spend their time and money so effectively. I saw just how big the need was for efficient and redeeming travel. I’ve channeled every ounce of effort into developing and refining travel tips and itineraries for students who exist on the leading edge of technology with my company, WSA Europe.

From my time on the road, it’s become clear to me that having a great travel experience is really about two things: bringing the right mindset with you through your adventures, and knowing how to get from point to point, where to stay, what to do and knowing what’s worthwhile when deciding how to spend your valuable time abroad. It’s all about mindset and practical know-how. 

Over the next several weeks, I’m breaking down all the pre-trip, during-travel and post-trip tips I’ve mastered from my years running WSA. We’ll be digging into how to start researching for your trip, what to pack for your time abroad, what reservations are worthwhile to make and which plans can be left to the last minute. We’ll discuss how to maximize and customize your travel experiences and how to tailor your trip to your own interests. And lastly, we’ll run through how to collect memories and share them with friends and family back home.

Let's get started:


- Andy Steves

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Sarah Pajeau, Joliet Junior College

Happy Backpackers

I had such a fun time in Edinburgh! If it weren't for my tour guide, I wouldn't be able to see so much and have experienced it all! Michael knew so much information about the city so I was able to learn a lot!

Sarah Pajeau, Joliet Junior College ~ Carlow College, Spring 2016

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