A Small World

Ater dinner at Matt’s we ended up heading out to a local bar. It had the same chill vibe as the dive bar me and my friends go to back home north of Seattle. While a dive bar, this place though had high ceilings, and the building was hundreds of years old. I’m endlessly fascinated by the history that Europeans live in and among on a daily basis.


After a bit, a crew of Matt’s other friends came in the bar, and it became a lively little gathering. The guy in the back looked pretty familiar—quite a unique-looking character that bore a striking resemblance to Waldo from Where’s Waldo--you know, tall, skinny and a funky haircut. He turned out to be the guy who sold me the cigar from last night. Here we are across the city, and hanging out with friends, and he was roommates with Matt’s friend. I can’t get over amazing coincidences like that, but in travel, you’ll find they happen more often than you’d expect.


Ceanna Chapman, University of Kansas

Happy Backpackers

WSA is a great way to see a new place! They pick the greatest hostels to stay at and the best things to experience. Not to mention Bogi (our tour guide) was awesome! I met lots of friends and had the best experience of my life

Ceanna Chapman, University of Kansas ~ DIS, Copenhagen, Spring 2016

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