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3 Things to do When the Sun is Shining in Prague

Posted by Andy Steves on September 17, 2014.

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Each summer seems to fly by faster than the last one. But when Summer fades into Fall, there are still a load of things to do in the beautiful city of Prague. When Prague comes to mind, you probably see the striking architecture before your eyes, and you start salivating at the delicious Czech goulash and beer. But you may be surprised to find you can have a lot of fun outdoors as well in this vibrant city before its time to bust out the long underwear.

Picnic in Letna Park
Letna Park has the giant metronome overlooking the city. Each tick symbolizes time running out on the tyrannical governments and leaders around the globe. Behind the imposing stone facade, you’ll find an expansive park that opens up to play fields in the summer, and ice skating rinks in the winter. Take a stroll up to the park (and break a sweat climbing the hill) to take in magnificent panoramic views over the Old Town. Why not stop to grab some picnic supplies along the way—there’s a great Tesco at Narodni Trida. Otherwise, there are convenience shops aplenty for a nice snack up at the top of the hill on the way.
Letenske sady, Trams 5 & 17

Paddle Boats in Vltava River

Get away from the hustle and bustle of Prague’s cobblestoned streets in a unique way: rent paddle boats! For 200kc/hour, it’s a great option for a lazy afternoon cooling off by the river, and taking in some of Prague’s most famous sights from a different vantage point. You’ll see the Dancing Houses, National Theater, Charles Bridge, Lesser Quarter and the Castle District all on a short tour of the slow-paced Vltava river. And when splitting the ride across your three friends, it’s a cheap option too!

Slovansky Ostrov, Trams 9, 14 & 17

LunaPark & the Exposition Center

For a blast from the past, head over to Prague Expo Center, built towards the end of the 19th century. You may find the deserted, crumbling fair ground to be a bit eery with leftover sculptures from Communist times sprinkled across the property. To top it off, if you head all the way to the back of the grounds, you’ll find a failing carnival with a horror ride, bumper cars and even a creaky old roller coaster. 
Holesovice, Trams 12 & 24

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Haley Hill

Happy Backpackers

I thought the WSA Prague itinerary was planned perfectly. Everything allotted time for seeing the sights, getting meals, and just meeting new people. I felt like being with our guide, Veronika, gave us a huge insight into the culture, and her knowledge and just all around fun and kind...

Haley Hill ~ Bilbao, Spain, Fall 2012

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