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5 Creative Ways to Make the Most of Your Time Abroad

Posted by Andy Steves on October 23, 2014.

by Lucas Walkowski, London Intern

Your time abroad is something you certainly will never forget. Your friends and family back home will undoubtedly want to know what you’re up to. But you don’t want to write a typical study abroad blog. You don’t want to do something that everyone else has done. What do you do? You need to get creative!

Just think: what are some ways to document your time abroad that are easy to share with friends and family via social media? How can you show them what you’re doing and also give you awesome keepsakes to look back at rather than just an album of 1,000 photos you posted to Facebook? Here are some ideas to get started:

1. Make a game out of it: Before I left for London, I bought a book of the Top 10’s of London – food, shops, churches, museums, you name it. So I picked my favorite lists and am planning on completing them before I go home. I then document them with my descriptions and photos in a blog that I share on Facebook. There are so many sights to see, so challenge yourself to do the most you can.

2. Have a theme: This can be true for many things. Perhaps you can write a blog based on all the food you tried. Or you have a signature pose that you do at many famous sights during your time abroad. But choosing a theme makes it fun because it challenges you to alter your plans to fit in with your theme. My friend from back at school who is here with me has a Pitt Panthers flag and we’re trying to take group photos with it in front of major sights.

3. Postcards! If you want to remember all of the great stuff you’ve been doing and seeing, try writing yourself postcards and mailing them home. Then you’ll be able to recount all your memories once you get back. I’ve also been trying to send a postcard every couple weeks to my grandma who doesn’t have a computer to watch what I’ve been doing.

4. Make a video: When you’re at these breathtaking sights, take a short 5-second clip of it. When you’re finished living abroad, compile all of them into one video, set it to music and voila! You’ll have a short video that you can watch over and over. It’s something more than just photos!

5. Souvenirs! There are some souvenirs that are the same in cities across the world. Everywhere I’ve visited, I’ve been getting a couple postcards and a shot glass from each destination. I have a friend that collects snow globes from everywhere she visits. Whatever you choose, it’s something physical you can look at to really remember the great times you had abroad. Plus, it’s something you can show everyone back home once you return!

There are so many ways to get creative and share your experiences abroad with your family and friends but there are also ways to do so for your own memories. Whatever you choose, get creative and have fun! That’s why you’re abroad, right?

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