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Student Summer Destinations for 2016

Posted by Andy Steves on May 20, 2016.


Summer holidays are on the horizon, so no matter where you are in the world- its time to start planning. School's nearly (or already) out and the 

temperature is raising, there’s no better time to start planning your summer destination.


Welcome to Miami! If you’re looking for sun, sea and sand then look no further Miami is a hotspot for students from all around the world. Must sees are: Biscayne Bay, South BeachLincoln Road, here you find people, music and some of the best cocktails around. Miami is famous for its nightlife so don’t be afraid to bring your best dancing shoes because you’re going. If you’re looking for affordable and fun, then why not check out Amsterdam. This student mecca should be at the top of your bucket list this summer.With numerous festivals and events 

taking place such as the Vondel park which has an astonishing 10 million visitors a year there no 

reason why you shouldn’t visit. With a variety of canals, coffee shops and people on bikes, you 

are bound to find a little something for everyone. 

If you don’t mind high temperatures then you should visit Dubai, here you can check out its 

biggest indoor ski center, go quad biking in the deserts and shop till you drop in the worlds 

largest shopping mall.  If this doesn’t impress you then you don’t want to miss Dubai’s Summer 

Surprises festival, where you can expect dramatic discounts, raffles and fireworks. 

Hangzhou is one of the richest cities in China, this city is home to extraordinary architectural 

works, top-notch restaurants and luxury hotels. The overly-modern vibe, however, goes well 

with the natural splendor of West Lake around it. With so much culture and beauty to explore, 

make Asia your destination this summer.

Start your African adventure in Morocco! Whether is Fez, Marrakech or Casablanca, Morocco is 

offers the most stunning and picturesque sites. With a variety of markets, cheap food and 

history, Morocco is truly the student hub for adventures and explorers alike. You can stay in 
some of the most amazing hotels for less than £11 a night so don’t worry you won’t break your 
budget as you’ll have plenty left over to go camel riding and surf the desert on quad bikes!

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