WSA Cultural Bridge Scholarship

Discover Europe with WSA's study abroad scholarship

In accordance with our mission to facilitate life-changing international experiences, WSA has created the Cultural Bridge Scholarship to allow students the incredible, enriching opportunity to study abroad in Europe.


Congratulations to our OFFICIAL STUDENT WINNER - Spring 2017:

Elaina Cole, College of Charlston
Major: Computer Science
Studying Abroad: Trinity College Dublin

See Elaina's Submission HERE


Each semester the scholarship will be awarded to a student who demonstrates a strong passion and motivation for international education. We’re no strangers to the financial burdens studying abroad causes, and so this scholarship is meant to alleviate some of the stress and help you reach your international education goals.

Scholarship recipients will be awarded $500 USD in funds toward their semester abroad. All American undergraduate students with plans to study abroad in Europe are encouraged to apply. WSA Europe will award the scholarship based on passion and merit. 


  • U.S Citizen currently enrolled as an undergraduate in the US
  • Has already been accepted to study abroad in Europe for Fall 2017 (proof required if selected as finalist)
  • 3.0 GPA minimum

Fall 2017 deadline is August 15th. 


  • Completed Application Questionnaire link HERE
  • Video Submission: Each submission should be 1-3 minutes and should explain why you chose to study abroad and what you hope to get out of the experience.  Video production quality will not be major factor of consideration the content is much more important.  You can even use something like snapchat to compile your story, save it as a memory and upload it to youtube or vimeo (or a similar platform)



Step 1: Complete your application on the form HERE.  There is a question which asks for the link to your video submission so please have that ready. 

Step 2:  Compile the appropriate proof of eligibility (proof of GPA, acceptance letter to abroad university)


Scholarship Criteria - 
Applications will be judged on the following:

  • Passion: Show us your excitement and be specific in explaining why you chose to study abroad in your particular program and city
  • Opportunity for growth: Explain the ways in which you think your semester abroad will change you and what you hope to get from the experience

For inspiration we have included several links to finalists from past semesters


  • $500 in scholarship funds will be distributed to 1 student
  • Applicants must be 100% honest during the application process. Misinformation will result in disqualification
  • Study abroad program must include at least 4 weeks in host country
  • During travel, post at least three photos and/or status updates to Instagram and/or Facebook tagging WSA Europe

Fall 2017 scholarships: Applications are now OPEN


To process your application, please submit the attached scholarship form.



Alison Wendler, Universsity of Washington

Happy Backpackers

I had an absolutely amazing time on my WSA trip to Krakow, Poland. I felt like a got a lot out of my money and it was so nice not to have to worry about anything because WSA takes care of it all. Our guide was absolutely fantastic and was there with us for everything we needed-it was great to have someone around with you who knew the city so well. This is definitely a trip I will never forget. I already want to start planning my next WSA trip. What amazing destination to pick next is the hard part!

Alison Wendler, Universsity of Washington ~ National University of Ireland, Galway, Spring 2016

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